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Documenting censorship in the Information Age.

In the spring of 2014, father Wyatt Neumann took his 2-year-old daughter Stella with him on a road trip. As any father would do, he documented their journey in pictures. While on this trip, a hyper puritanical, neo-conservative group launched a cyber attack on the photographic works. They went as far as to shut down his Facebook, Instagram, and attempting to shut down his website. They even started a webpage about him and his seemingly “perverse” images.

"This show, and this work, details a stark contrast between two very different ideologies and worldviews in both America and abroad. One is open minded, proud and expressive. Unafraid. The other is far more conservative; a point of view bent on shame, and the manipulations of people’s freedoms based on subjective will," Neumann says. "My children are free, they live without shame."

Wyatt Neumann's “I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR CHILDREN – the sexualization of innocence in america” is open from now until August 21st.

Safari Gallery
355 West Broadway
New York, NY

See some more photos from the exhibit below.

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