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But which way are they looking?!

Despite three years having passed since the release of the song and the corresponding debut album, Geidi Primes, "Venus in Fleurs" has made a comeback via its newly released video. The video, created by the aptly named Video Marsh, was created from footage shot at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in British Columbia. Despite the video being entirely spun out of bird movements, it remains haunting (what's creepier than birds?) and interesting throughout - no small feat for such repetition. The release comes on the heels of yet another Tumblr "FU" with Grimes releasing it despite its in compliance with 'press cycles.' We're glad she did.

Watch Grimes' video for "Venus in Fleurs" below.

Grimes - Venus In Fleurs from Video Marsh on Vimeo.

Spotted on HUH.

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