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Photographer Lynnette Astaire will be guest blogging for hearty in transit

Lynnette Astaire has packed her bags and is ready to go. The South Carolina/Chicago raised photographer has been traveling the world filming along the way for her new YouTube channel with a goal of inspiring global travel. So far, she's hit Chicago (of course), Alaska, Detroit and Mexico--where she is currently for the summer. We first got in touch with Lynnette, whose work has appeared in publications like Dazed and Confused to New York Magazine, when she was Mexico city heading to the Oaxaca. Lynnette will be guest blogging on hearty from the beach and the cities she comes across about street style, food, oddities, and her obsession with doors.

Read our Q+A with Lynnette Astaire below and get ready to go along for the trip with her.

What's the best part about taking photos?

I don't really know anymore!

The part that maybe you could do without?

I love it all.

How did you get into photography?

My grandmother gave me a Polaroid when I was 7.

You're currently traveling the globe, where have been some favorite spots so far?

New York because that's the first place I visited on my own. I'm traveling in Mexico right now and it's been a very interesting summer to say the least.

Secret spots you've discovered?

I'm going to lay claim to where I am right now, Puerto Escondito, because it's new to me. It's very cool, extremely laid back, definitely not Cancun MTV spring break. Food is banging, my god! If you're into surfing it's a better experience though because the ocean is pretty active here.

3 tips for tons of traveling?

Relax, relax, relax.

What do you miss most when you're on the road?

Access to everything I own, seeing the people I've known the longest.

Personal tricks for dealing with jet lag?

Try to ease in it before you arrive but if you can't then just accept that you may be a bit fucked!

Personal tricks for waking up early to catch flights when having a few too many the night before?

I don't do that. If I'm going to have a few too many it would be on the plane, that's way better!

What's next?

I am going to find some lunch and see if we're going to shoot today.

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