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In case you haven't heard, the 29th of November set a new record for online shopping. Internet retailers made over $1 billion in sales from 9 million shoppers. Yes indeed, this holiday season sounds more like cha-ching than jingle-ling.

By our calculations you should have some stuff stashed away in the back of your closet by now, but if you still don't know what to get for your mother, best friend, sister, aunt, fear not. Like little commerce helper elves, a bevy of gift guides sprouted up in early November to help you find the perfect gift without having to brave the stores.

That brings us to the following point. We figured that you don't have the time or energy to brave the nooks and crannies of the internet so we did it for you. Should you bother scrolling through all 425 of New York Magazine's picks? Yes. Are the best "green" gifts on treehugger's list? Not so much.

Welcome to hearty's Gift Guide Guide: a comprehensive tour of the best gift guides in cyber space. We clicked our way to carpal tunnel and back, in order to bring you the finest selections of selections, the creme de creme compilations of compilations. Read the results below and don't feel too bad about adding some items to your own wishlist, we definitely did.


With almost 500 potential presents, New York Magazine's Gift Finder sets the bar high. We like how they've created categories to break down the list into manageable quantities. Why scroll through ideas for your "Gardening Grandparent" when what you really want is the perfect Beard Oil for your "Mumblecore Boyfriend"?

Some of our favourite items include: the Breville Pie-Maker, Lego Speakers, a Chalkboard Vase and taxi-hailing mittens.

Drawback: If you don't live in the NYC area, it might be trickier to track down these items. However, get your google-on and there will probably be a retail location in your local mall. The more New York-specific gifts usually have a delivery option for an additional cost.

Bonus: Check out Boldface Secret Santa to see what "notable New Yorkers" would buy each other.  30 Rock's Judah Friedlander thinks a membership to the Spin New York Ping-Pong club is just what Ivanka Trump needs. He waxes poetic about Korean tacos and now we think we need a membership too.


JustLuxe is a website geared towards assisting affluent consumers with, "their decision making, such as charting a yacht, purchasing a jet membership card" or simply buying real estate. If you toss and turn at night thinking about ways to spend your millions, this is the gift guide for you.

Neatly divided into "for him" and "for her", the guide is a succinct list of items that make our bank accounts blush...and then some. When we win the lottery, it will be iPhone video projectors, Kalamazoo Martini Bars and environmentally friendly portable fireplaces for all!


Speaking of environmentally friendly, when it comes to "green" guides it tends to be a bit hit or miss. FYI hippies: an ugly shirt is still an ugly shirt no matter how good it is for the environment. Fortunately there are plenty of do-good and look-good gifts out there and Inhabitat found them.

The gifts are divvied up in categories like, "stocking stuffers", "under $20" and "gadget nerds" for effective browsing. We swooned over the WeWood watch, lidded carafes made from reclaimed wine bottles and a charm bracelet from Dirty Librarian Chains.

Bonus: The "Make Your Own Gifts" category has 12 ideas that are cute, doable and ripe for personalization. Dig up some old cassette tapes, pick out a usb in the electronics aisle and next thing you know, you've got a mixtape that's bound to win over a heart or two.


This might be a surprise, but we're going to pass on Oprah...for Rachel Zoe. Her 2010 gift guide is slick, stylish and strangely affordable (you know what I mean if you get any of her newsletters). We know it's giving time, but we can't help but covet the Prozena Schouler PS1 wallet, Tom Ford Black Orchid set, Burberry Prorsum Studded Ring and See by Chloe rain boots.

Drawback: This list probably won't help you find a gift for anyone other than yourself. It would, however, be very helpful for gift-hunting boyfriends. Will they find Rachel Zoe's website on their own? Likely not but leaving the page open on your desktop wouldn't hurt.


Just because you're on a tight budget doesn't mean you have to pack it in and do a one-stop shop at the dollar store. Refinery29's collection of gifts under $100 is full of bang for your buck.

Mesmerize your little sister with 18 mini Sephora by OPI nail polishes and cool down your Grandpa's tipple with Teroforma whiskey stones. How about some Tory Burch long snap gloves for your Momma, animal shot glasses for your brother and a men's grooming product sampler for your Dad?


There are dozens of gift guides on the Sugar Inc. network but BellaSugar's "Gifts You Should Probably Think Twice About Before Giving" is our favorite. Remember that present for your mom you were looking for? Well, an "Un-Wrinkle Kit" is not it. And the Split-Ender Maxi Kit? Oh burn. There is something hilarious about the Anti-Jiggle Duo from Bliss, but the holiday season isn't really the time for cellulite jokes, is it?

Bonus: Don't miss SavvySugar's "Budgeting Down Oprah's Fave Things", stocking stuffers from ShopStyle and BuzzSugar's ideas for co-workers.

Watch out for Hearty's very own gift guide and have yourself a happy holiday (plus we hope you get some sweet loot).

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