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Jeff Koons and Ivana Porfiri present Dakis Joannou his "Guilty" yacht

Dakis Joannou is a wealthy Greek-Cypriot industrialist and contemporary art collector who was fortunate enough to get artist Jeff Koons and yacht designer Ivana Porfiri, design an insane art-centric yacht. Called "Guilty," the yacht is about 115-feet long and was modeled after the "old razzle dazzle" camo that the British Royal Navy used during World War I. The triangle-like shapes on the sides represent pyramids and mirages, accompanied by a gigantic image of Iggy Pop as a Greek god. Inside the yacht is a white interior with colorful furniture, showcasing Joannou's extensive collection of art. But why so Guilty Mr. Joannou?

Check out more photos of Dakis Joannou's "Guilty" Yacht below.

Seen via: Hypebeast

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