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Guy Denning says we're all prostitutes

Guy Denning--the Bristol based artist whose controversial views on 9/11 and Joan of Arc have recently garnered a lot of attention--has teamed up with fellow painter, Frank E. Rannou to present, "We Are All Prostitutes." The collection is filled with harrowed, distressed faces whose battered, harsh features make us think of everyone but ourselves. Denning reminds us, though,  we're not all that different: "It might not be a financial price but somewhere along the line you have to make a bargain you’d prefer not to." Raw, jagged brush strokes and a moody color palette speak to the underlying political and social commentary of the work.

Guy Denning's "We Are All Prostitutes” is on at the Signal Gallery in London until February 18, 2012. If you're not on the other side of the pond, see more of the work below.

Spotted on: Dazed Digital

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    I love these. Thank you for posting this, Mel!

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