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What's the deal with... Hand Cream?

Name: Hand Cream

Location: Montreal, QC

Sounds like: If the girls from that 1995 movie The Craft formed a new-wave punk band. Think hints of Skeletal Family with the driving, danceability of Fuzzbox.

Why you have heard of them: Because every guy (and girl) in Montreal has a crush on their bass player, Marlee Shambles.

What's their deal? Hand Cream did a lot of growing up this year and people are taking notice. Pretend it's junior high and Hand Cream got boobs for the first time and everyone dropped their jaws. Except instead of boobs, they just traded in their drummer and added a new bassist. Without the losing the blushing urgency of their earlier releases (especially on front woman Meghan Merrigan's Lydia Lunch-esque hollers) Hand Cream have added layers of melody and female-harmonies and it's working. Their latest split with Crosss and two new tracks "Oh Rats" and "Program (Silver Apples)" prove that this band is worth their salt. Hand Cream embarked on an East Coast tour last week, so keep your eyes peeled for dates.

Listen to Hand Cream here.

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  1. just FYI – Photo credit goes to Francesca Fanelli of Brooklyn, NY.

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