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Hanni El Khatib makes knife fight music and plays with guns in the Great North

Hanni El Khatib’s debut album, which came out earlier this fall, is music for car wrecks, knife fights, spiked drinks, and for those who have been hit by trains. You know, all that good American stuff. The former creative director at HUF took his guitar and amp up North to Sitka, Alaska to tour his new LP, and director Nick Walker followed him with his camera.

The title of his new album asks Will The Guns Come Out. Well, in the vast Alaskan landscapes they certainly did, as did the grizzlies, the pickles, and the whiskey. Playing with guns and whiskey on a boat looks fun, but maybe not the most safe of activities. Through all this madness, Hanni’s gritty medley of blues, garage rock, and doo-wop impresses as it reverberates against tombstones, barren community halls, and underbelly bars.

Watch the short about their trip below, and have a listen to Hanni’s new track Innovative Leisure here.

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