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Kirsten Dunst models the new Reyn Spooner for Opening Ceremony collection, which you might remember first seeing here

What was it that Marc Jacobs once said? "A dumb bag on a dumb girl is a dumb bag. A dumb bag on a cool girl is a cool bag." This is perhaps the philosophy that Reyn Spooner and Opening Ceremony used for their latest limited edition capsule collection of Hawaiian printed garments, except for nothing about this collection is dumb.  Using traditional floral prints that one might find in a boxy, button-up shape, Reyn Spooner has transformed them into super sweet spaghetti-strap dresses and fitted shirts. Then they had Kirsten Dunst and Jenni Lewis do the modeling. Oh, and Kirsten's ex-boyfriend Jason Boesel (former Rilo Kiley drummer) shot the photographs. Go the wrong way with Hawaiian prints and you might get pre-teen resort wear. Have a company like Reyn Spooner design it and then have Kirsten Dunst put it on and see the Marc Jacob's philosophy come to life.

See more from the the Reyn Spooner for Opening Ceremony shoot with Kirsten Dunst below.

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One Response to “HAWAIIAN FLORALS”

  1. Jess Bloom Jess Bloom says:

    “pre-teen resort wear”, i’d like to see this collection. spandex shorts and oversized t-shirts included? because i know that was what i was in.

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