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Through her artistic works, Sophie Calle, embodies the vulnerability of women and the crazy thoughts they sometimes have in moments of love, lust or loss. Some of Calles's craziest artistic endeavors include her most famous piece to date, Take Care of Yourself--named after the last line of her ex's breakup message to her--where she seeked the help of women including an actress, clown and dancer, to help interpret the break-up e-mail.

More recently, Calle decorated a telephone booth located at the corner of Greenwich and Harrison in Manhattan with things including a note pad, bottle of water, pack of cigarettes, flowers and cash. The project was documented in The Gotham Handbook which is available now. Hurry up and grab the book to see it for yourself. And for more on Calle don't hesitate to get your google on, we promise you won't be disappointed.

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