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hearty magazine and Y◎UNG ▼DULTS present: Big Hearts Mix

To celebrate the launch of our brand spanking new Soundcloud, we have commissioned an exclusive mix from the banging California duo Y◎UNG ▼DULTS. With the Big Hearts Mix, the boys of Y◎UNG ▼DULTS are bringing you Bay Area hip hop chopped and screwed with dreamy vocals layered on top of grainy West Coast textures. It's a mix of the haunting and alien crooning of James Blake, the year's rap bangers from Kendrick Lamar and Odd Future, with some remixed throwbacks all strung together.

Y◎UNG ▼DULTS are Tim James and Adam Mills. They live in LA, but are from Jacksnville FL. Currently, working on finishing up their debut album, these beach babes wanted to make a mix to zone out and relax to. "I think a lot of people would agree that we both have big hearts," Tim jokes. Throw the Big Hearts Mix on while you're getting dressed in the AM, reading the daily news, rolling through the city with the top down screamin' out hearty ain't a thang.

We will be posting exclusive hearty mixes on our Soundcloud from now on, and couldn't get things started on a better note. Without further ado we present our new Soundcloud and our first mix the Big Hearts Mix by Y◎UNG ▼DULTS.

Check out our Soundcloud page to get the track list and download the mix below.

Big Hearts Mix by heartymagazine

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  1. Q says:

    I really like this.

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