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We know you've seen dozens of "sneakers lists," because so have we. The difference between ours is, it was written for ladies by ladies, which means there happens to be no Air Force Ones in this list. The following sneakers have been tried and tested by women--we know they look great with tapered jeans and cut off shorts, won't make your feet look big and are comfy and wearable. From classic Vans Authentics to magical Air Pegasus '89s to Baby's Champion Keds (Keds actually invented the word "sneaker," bet you didn't know that!) we've compiled the best sneakers--for women!

1. Vans Authentic It's the basic plain perfect sneaker, need we say more? Ok, we probably should since this what this whole thing is about. hearty ladies love Vans (see here) and especially Authentics. With a basic canvas upper and vulcanized sole, they're the sneaker for all our needs--like walking to get a coffee in the morning, going to the beach (sans laces) and grabbing a pint after (or during) work.

2. Nike Air Max 1 The Air Max 1 is like the grandmother of the Air Max dynasty. Or at least that's how we like to put it. Designed in 1987, it was the first sneaker to have an air bubble in the sole, revolutionizing the sneaker industry. The clean lines and rich history of this shoe make it a true classic that is still a favorite of today.

3. Nike Air Max 90 The AM90 became an instant favorite for women and can be found in the closets of many of the hearty members. Following the Air Max 1 by just a few years, the Air Max 90 was first released in a white/black/cool grey/infrared colorway which to this day is arguably the best color combination out there.

4. Keds Champion No one left Baby in the corner especially not in a pair of Keds. The word "sneaker" was actually created by Keds' advertising agents in 1917 to describe the shoe's silent sole (perfect for "sneaking" around) making this 93-year-old canvas sneaker the first "sneaker." Not to mention these Keds look smoking hot paired with cut off jean shorts, just like Baby.

5. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Produced the same year as Keds Champions (1917, we just told you that!) these sneakers were made popular when basketball player Chuck Taylor deemed them his, "favorite sneaker." In the 1950's--after a few changes to the sole and upper--the Chucks popularity expanded from basketball to greasers and rockabillies. Since the move to alternative culture, Chucks haven't looked back. One may even say they have become the official shoe of teenage angst, which is why we love them.

6. Nike Air Structure Triax 91 Released during Nike's golden years, the Air Structure Triax 91 is one of our favorite sneakers to look at. Not only does it hail Nike's Air and structure technology, it also has amazing colorways. Our favorite? The white/black/blue/infrared combo.

7. Nike Blazer Mid The Nike Blazer was designed for women, well, not really but that's hearty's opinion. The Blazer was released in the early seventies as one of Nike's first basketball shoes. Since then it has evolved into an everyday go-to for sneaker lovers. Today, it is available in a variety of heights--low, mid and high--and is a part of Nike's SB (skateboarding) division.

8. Nike Air Pegasus 89 It's easy to like a shoe named the Air Pegasus--the name sounds magical! And although these Air Pegasus '89s are not meant for riding unicorns, we think they are simply beautiful. We caught up with sneakerhead and Montreal sneakershop owner Toddy Flores, who is known worldwide for his collection of kicks. Yeah he's a dude but when it comes to sneakers he's an authority and we trust him. "The Air Pegasus '89 is probably one of the best designed sneakers of the 80's," Toddy says. "It's all-around comfort, stability and ride made it an instant classic. I remember rocking these cause I could not afford the hefty AIR MAX price tag. Still one of my favorite runners of all time." Tell 'em Toddy!

9. Nike All Court The name says it all. Nike's All Court is a great all around sneaker. Like the Blazer, it was first designed as a basketball shoe then evolved into becoming a great street shoe. And its notable collaboration with A.P.C. last year hit a soft spot in our hearts.

10. Asics Gel Lyte III This sneaker was the perfect kick to put an end to our Nike love fest (what can we say, Nike does sneakers well). Its premiere feature is undeniably its split tongue, which allows for better stability when running (not that we do that much of that, in these) and doesn't slip around like other shoes can. Its sole, unlike Nike's Air technology, is completely cushioned with Asics Gel technology, which allows for better shock absorption, making your knees happy. These kicks are really comfortable and versatile. Pretty shoes aren't always great for working out in but these babies go both ways if you know what we're saying.

11. Air Jordan High Heel Ok...just kidding!

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