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Henrik Visbkov takes his store on tour for "100 Days"

Originally launched in December of 2010, Henrick Vibskov's "100 Days" traveling boutique is currently in Berlin's Mitte. The concept behind his short-term leases is that he is "free to experiment with spaces and installations and present the full collection." These temporary boutiques will feature showpiece clothing and accessories alongside one-offs and items that were edited out of the runway show.

The 100 Days project is not Vibskov's first foray into conceptional fashion--his A/W 11/12 collection titled "The Eat" was inspired by dystopia and survival. In his Paris Fashion Week show, the models created a still tableau at the dining table in the middle of the runway. "Staging a dinner-like scenery, the act of eating itself is not of big importance to "The Eat"," it says on Vibskov's website, "but it is the unfolding of the components and the components themselves that are interesting."

From jackets and dresses to shoes and sunglasses, pieces from "The Eat" are available at the Berlin pop-up boutique and permanent locations in Copenhagen, Oslo and New York.

Check out some of the pieces below or at the online boutique and we've also included a clip of Henrik Vibskov's A/W 11/12 runway show to give you a taste of "The Eat."

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