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What's your type? Henrik Vibskov launches a series of unisex fragrances

Usually when you smell like your man it's because you've been snuggling up to him. But now the two of you can smell the same all the time. Henrik Vibskov has created a new series of unisex fragrances called, TYPE. Developed together with the renowned parfume house Givaudan in Paris the collection consists of three scents each representing a different city: Berlin, Copenhagen and Damascus.

TYPE B, for Berlin, encompasses a cold winter day in the former Eastern part of the city. TYPE C, for Copenhagen, which is where Henrik is based--captures the salty air and fresh waters from boating trips outside Trekroner fortress at the entrance to Copenhagen’s harbour. This is the best place to catch herrings, but luckily the fragrance has no fish smell. TYPE D, for Damascus, references the fantasy of the Middle East and the ancient marketplaces of Damascus on a hot hot day.

See more from the Henrik Vibskov fragrance series below. And tell us which of the three scents are most likely to represent you.

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