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Hole is back. Okay, not all of Hole but some parts of Hole which makes tiny holes into one big Hole which is Courtney Love's Hole which is all the Hole we need right now. Love has been working on her post-rehab solo record 'Nobody's Daughter' for what seems like a century, but now things are starting to roll as she has decided that her old band mates are a necessity for completion. Love hired Micko Larkin for guitars (where the hell is Eric Erlandson and his NURSE T-shirt?) and Melissa Auf de Maur will be back on bass. The album features musical collaborations with both Linda Perry and Billy Corgan as well as the near-death ballads Love penned in rehab while getting off the 'loser dust.' Even though she's been through hell and back, Courtney is still alive. She's Keith Richards but, you know, with tits. She'll never go away and that is why we love her. Now, we get to hear her sing about the whole deal, all forty-plus years of punk, surgery, brutality and chaos.

Love, surrounded by smoke and baby dolls, chats about her new album and whatever else is on her mind.

And just a reminder of why Love is and forever the Queen of Noise...

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