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Holst + Lee coming to a neck near you

Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee make up the bad ass fashion collaboration HOLST + LEE. After moving to New York from the South they met late night steez--we're thinking music and booze might have been involved--and from there, a strong friendship and unique artistic outlet flourished. Drawing inspiration from a range of people, places, culture and materials, the ladies of Holst + Lee hope to give back the same creative energy to the community.

The Holst + Lee 2012 collection features lots of rope, beads and other materials beautifully smashed together in what comes out looking like a colorful masterpiece. The pair's southern roots can be felt in the pieces but with New York City overtones and each piece is handmade and closes with a magnetic clasp. But not to worry the magnet holds up to 30 pounds, so your Holst + Lee isn't going anywhere.

See more from the Holst + Lee 2012 collection below.

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