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Remember those crappy drawings you did of your hand, that looked like a rooster? It’s like that. But way better.

Homeroom is a new exhibit at the Subtext Gallery in San Diego that takes 20 artists and has them re-imagine a piece of art from their childhood. This makes us think back to a time when drawing or painting was pressure-free and creating things for ourselves (or our ever-approving families) was just fun. Homeroom is an attempt to get back there and, according to the website, “rediscover the nostalgia of youth and innocent creativity.” Homeroom, had the artists take their old finger paintings, crayon scribbles and chalk drawings and re-create them using their current medium and style. The results are endearing, inspiring and make us want to break out the watercolors—if only to remind us that we should keep our day jobs.

See some of the pieces from the Homeroom exhibit below.

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