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Nina Persson's new capsule line with Hope proves (once again) that Swedish fashion is more than H&M, and The Cardigans are more than "Lovefool." Ok, Ann Ringstrand (one half of Hope's design team) used to work for H&M but the clothes she produces with Stefan Soderberg are distinctly timeless rather than trendy. Often monochromatic and minimalistic, the duo describes their aesthetic as, "low key, clean, raw and authentic." They approached Persson while she was in between touring with her new band, A Camp, and working on a collective project, Citizens Band (which includes Karen Elson). Persson describes her contributions to Hope's A/W '10 line as, "pieces I'd been looking for and not finding for many felt like it would be ridiculous for me to try something complicated, avant-garde." And she's right. The looks are simple but that's what makes them poignant. The fox-collared coat (that Persson says comes from overpopulated hunted foxes in an attempt to ward off PETA attacks) is dramatic, yet something you could pull over jeans and a t-shirt. Oddly, the same can be said about the mesh skirt--and I don't change my mind or take it back (that's "Erase Rewind" for the less devoted Cardigans fans out there).

Check out more Hope here and watch out for Persson's clothes in August.


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  1. Kenza Kenza says:

    YES!!!!!! love of my life and only woman i’d go lezzy for. xoxoo

  2. Kenza Kenza says:

    and lol at the fact they picked a model that looks identical to her.

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