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Whether it’s not having the chance to get away this summer to get your “vacay” look on or it’s simply a matter of working and playing too hard, it’s not the faul of the fluorescent light in the bar’s restroom’s that your skin is displaying your neglect. Thank god for make-up! We are all aware of beauty tricks, but most of us are not as aware of what actually works.

BeneFit has lived up to its name by becoming a tried and true classic. It’s easy to mistake it as a novelty brand with the cute 50’s inspired packaging and pun intended names for their products (Dr Feelgood, Some Kind-A Gorgeous and Smokin Eyes just to name a few). But as most hard core make-up lovers know, Benefit has benefited many of us who have stayed loyal to this brand since the (now old school) Benetint arrived.

If you’re new to BeneFit’s line, new to beauty tricks or an avid BeneFit groupie, the latest limited edition kit Bright Lights Big City! will not disappoint. Not only does the kit have full size products but a small white leatherette travel mirror. The kit also includes:

“That Gal” Face Primer -promotes skin luminosity by smoothing out your fine lines and pores, brightens your skin up and is a great way to help your make-up stay on longer

BADgal Blue Mascara -subtle mascara to open up your eyes and the blue is deep and brings out the color in your eyes

Eyebright pencil - an eye brightener to be applied on the brow bone, under eyes and even a small amount on the bow of your lips. A great advantage is the pencil form, so no worries on spilling and a great to carry with you for a quick pick me up.

With beauty fans already raving about this kit in reviews, be quick to snag one for yourself. Valued at $82, Bright Lights Big City! retails for $48 and is exclusive to Sephora. No need to slap the next person who says you look tired, instead, beam with joy when someone comments on your new glow.

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