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The Headscarf.

It’s officially hot and our hair ain’t happy about it! Wild, frizzy, and out of control, this is the season for taming the beast. Fortunately, fashion has predicted our summer hair-care conondrum, and provided a few awesome alternative to the ponytail.

Here are a few of our favorite fashion-forward ways to pull your hair back this summer:

The Headscarf—Pull your bangs back with a vintage, printed scarf in a lightweight fabric. Some of our favorites are silky, with enough length to tie into a strategically placed bow atop your head.

The Turban—Even for the fairly fashion-forward individual, “turban” can be one of the most intimidating words heard this summer. Don’t let fear hold you back. Slip on one of these babies and the only thing held back will be your hair. All of it. Viva la turban!

The Milkmaid Braid—Thankfully, it looks like the Alexander Wang inspired milkmaid braid trend will continue through the summer. This means two awesome things: face-framing locks stay out of your face, and there’s finally a hairdo cute enough to almost outshine your favorite sundress.

The Floppy Hat—Perfect for covering a substantial amount of frizz with minimal effort, the floppy hat has a distinct Bohemian edge. Ideal for outdoor music fests and anywhere else frizz threatens to ruin your good time.

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