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Trained aesthetic practitioner, surgery nut and self-proclaimed "Human Barbie," Sarah Burge, recently gave her daughter Botox injections making Hannah Burge, at the age of 15, the youngest woman to willingly inject Botox. According to the Daily Mail, Hannah asked for the injections from her mother because she was worried about looking "haggard" by the age of 25. "I had a couple of lines on my forehead and around my mouth, which I was unhappy about," Hannah said. "Appearance is important to me." (Um, can you say a product of her environment?)

Her mother, gladly filled the syringe during a family vacation in Spain and Hannah is now a "B" junkie. Although both mother and daughter use the same type of toxin to cure their wrinkles, Sarah only let's Hannah inject half the dose she would normally use on herself. Wait, are we talking about shooting speedballs or cosmetic surgery?

Hannah says, she wants her mother to help her plump up her lips with injections. Her mother seems happy to comply. More on this twisted quest to remain un-haggard when someones face explodes.

Via Daily Mail

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