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According to The New York Times, if you pair leather with floral or cowboy boots with a blazer you are part of the Elaine Benes come-back. But, maybe it has more to do with the whole 90s revival that has taken over 2010, rather than the fact that Ms. Benes could actually be considered a fashion icon. Or could she be?

"Elaine has stood out as a beacon of a faded era, in long floral skirts, blazers with padded shoulders and granny shoes with socks. Just about every inch of her skin was covered as if she were photosensitive," The New york times article says. Elaine was the quintessential guys-best-friend with her strong, no-bullshit attitude and her tell-all approach towards sex. She wasn't your stereotypical woman, however when she needed to turn on the charm--she did. "She was one of the guys," Julia Louis-Dreyfus told The New York Times. "It wasn’t about trying to look sexy. It was about looking like a girl who pushes people around.” The Elaine look was an amalgamation of so many classic trends: "early American settler, gypsy, business casual, pious zealot."

Anne Slowly of Elle called the Elaine-look, "Upper West Side grunge." While fashion stylist, Mel Ottenberg noted, "“Girls who were obsessed with micro-minis are now so anti-that, and they’re embarrassed at what they were wearing two years ago. This is a more covered-up look and looking like you have a brain. Elaine had a job. She worked at J. Peterman. She was a go-getter.”

Could it just be that a floral dress with lace-up boots and leather is perfect marriage of tough and sweet? Or is the Elaine Benes Look really something girls are after? If George Costanza can inspire fashion, then the latter might makes sense.

Via The New York Times

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