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Breaking-up with someone always sucks, but depending on the length of the relationship (or the breaker-uppers spine), the social law is that ditching someone over text or email is kind of awful. Enter: The best thing to happen to cowards everywhere.

iDump4U is a site run by a fat, sadistic bastard named Bradley who finds such joy in breaking up that he started a business for it. One trip to Bradley's site (or Facebook group) and you can pay him to dump your partner for less than the price of a sandwich for $10 ($25 for breaking an engagement, $50 for divorce). Brad, who runs his business in the charming state of Iowa, calls up the to-be-dumped, unleashes, records the conversations (first mumbling "this phone call may be recorded" - so quickly you can barely hear it - for legal reasons) and posts them up on is website for the world to hear. Sadistic bastard. Bradley also has the past calls archived in categories like "gays," "psychos," "dudes" and "hilarious" so you don't waste your time with un-funny, straight break-ups.

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