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SALEM wants to show you dead animals

High pitched gothic crooning, textured ambience, gradient camera phone footage of dead animals? Heavily bogged down screw rap? Witch house? Yes, it's SALEM. Yes, it's Halloween and this is obvious. Whatever. There's nothing better than listening to a remake of a Bruce Springsteen song by three teenagers who all smoke crack. SALEM can do that for you.  There's nothing better than walking to a show and seeing the band you're going to watch ingesting strange substances under an awning in the street 3 blocks away from the venue. SALEM can do that for you.

And when you're sitting at home, or at work, gently fingering your iPad wishing that you could somehow, some way, download an app that would let you watch a video of a band's roadtrip that has very little human content but one very intimate visual of a bloody deer--you know who can do that for you. It's SALEM. And that app is for Interview Magazine, where the Michigan natives were profiled this summer. The latest from criminal mastermind Jack Holland, ghost-mama Heather Marlatt, and the infamous NYC party darling, Jack Donaghue can be watched here. (Or on your iPad, duh.)

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