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Ignacios Torres sees humans as cosmic matter

These days, .gifs are the new .jpegs. And artist Ignacios Torres finds a unique vision of beauty, using these janky little animations. It works with our ever-shrinking attention spans to see something that has a 3D effect--no dorky glasses needed.

Torres' new series, Stellar, emerged from his interest in the theory humans are creations of cosmic matter made from the death of a star. Using dust and reflective confetti, Torres recreated these moments of "birth" with expressionless models falling against sunset backdrops in desert fields. The pictures are full of movement in their content alone, and the animation packs in even more action.

Film has lost to digital and books are up against the wall thanks to Kindles. Could our jpeg-filled tumblrs start waning to the shaky, jittering world of .gifs?

See more of Ignacio Torres' "Stellar" work below.

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  1. Jess Bloom Jess Bloom says:

    so cool

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