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Furniture specifically for small spaces.

If you're like us, then you probably live in a tiny apartment that, in it's entirety (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom), is the size of your childhood closet. So over time, you've found ways to tuck stuff under your bed, stack things triple high in your cupboards and hide things behind the couch. Well, Ikea heard your #firstworldproblem woes and has created an entire collection just for you and your tiny apartment.  The 51-piece offering was inspired by Ikea research, which found that one in five urban dwellers lives in a space smaller than 30 square meters. There are corner tables that take advantage of space, side tables with build in lighting and standing wall shelves, that will all fit right into your small space.

The Ikea "On The Move" collection will be available as of April 1st. We're going to assume you won't have moved into a bigger apartment by then.

See more of the collection below.

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