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Iosselliani presents circus glamour in their aw 11/12 collection

An explosion of colors and animals, make up the Iosselliani aw 11/12 collection which is all about circus glamour. Rams heads are paired with gems on rings and tigers are clumped together with flowers, diamonds and precious stones. Known their for their eccentric unique take on jewelry, aw 11/12 is no exception for this Italian brand. We're not sure when the next circus we'll be going to is (we're assuming the closest we're getting is going to see Water for Elephants) but with their aw 11/12 collection Iosselliani is bringing the circus to us.

See more of our favorites from the Iosselliani aw 11/12 collection below.

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  1. Mira Mira says:

    I love the fringe earrings!

  2. […] jewelry brand, Iosselliani manages to change enough with each new collection, while still maintaining the original look and […]

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