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The self-described ‘geriatric starlet’ is debuting her new jewelry line

Iris Apfel is a rare bird--a brightly and heavily adorned species that has aged gracefully over a near-century. She’s a convincing testament to upping your eccentricity in your post-menopausal years, and a thankful affirmation that there is no need to end up clad in safari hats and Velcro runners--unless of course they look good together.

Apfel's jewelry line debuted this week and it’s replete with Apfel’s mandate: bigger is better. Apfel has decades of experience to reference, and her signature is arms dressed up with bangles to her elbows, layers of jawbreaker pendants and those massive, irreverent spectacles. As far as the collection, the original designs look like they were pulled from the Earth--chunky combinations of resins, wood, and other odd embellishments. It’s also peppered with her own vintage pieces.

“As a child I watched every day as my very chic ‘maman’ worshipped at the altar of the Accessory. Like a shaman stylist, she worked her magic, transforming her workaday black dress into a smashing cocktail outfit,” she said in a statement on the collection.

See more of the Iris Apfel's jewelry collection below.

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