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You can get everything at Walmart. Everything. From tents to popcorn to baby pools to jewelry and now, they have extended their beauty products to hit a new $2 billion buying power market: tweens.

In February, Walmart will launch it's latest beauty product line aimed at girls ages eight to twelve called GeoGirl. GeoGirl is a politically correct and environmentally friendly collection that features lip balms and powders cleverly named after digital tween vernacular often found online or in text messages--J4G, T2G, and TiSC (Just for Grins, Time To Go, and This Is So Cool). GeoGirl cosmetics is made from natural materials to protect the young, fresh skin of these new beauty queens. Ingredients like chamomile, lavender, white willow bark, green tea extract and pomegranate will replace synthetic colors and fragrances or chemicals like paraben, phthalates and sulfate which harm skin at any age. Wouldn't the other option be to not wear make-up on a daily basis because you are eight and your skin is perfect?

GeoGirl is about teaching this generation about beauty care in a responsible way," said Walmart's divisional merchandise manager of beauty and personal care products Carmen Bauza. "This [line] is a great learning experience for us to determine how to communicate with this generation.”

All GeoGirl products are packed in recyclable materials and the company has a charitable component to it's empire which will be advertised as heavily as the J4G lip gloss.

Weirdly mature and uncomfortable, or just a step outside of playing with mom's make-up?

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2 Responses to “Is Make Up For Kids Acceptable?”

  1. Kenza Kenza says:

    I definitely used lip smacker as a kid around that age, is this any different?

  2. Hana May Hana May says:

    Um, yah because the collection includes mascara and other products like that, not just flavored lip balm.

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