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New York-based fashion editor and writer, Kelley Hoffman is currently guest blogging on hearty. This is her last post. We have grown quite fond of Kelley and will miss her big time. Come back soon!

By: Kelley Hoffman

One of my best friends from college spent the summer after she graduated from high school in Turkey. She told me about this karaoke scene in Istanbul where all the kids loved to sing the Smiths. A British artist -- Phill Collins -- made a video series about it called The World Won't Listen.

Here's a clip:

As a huge Morrissey fan, this immediately sold me on Istanbul. Being from California, the culture seemed so distant -- but singing Smiths songs was something I could definitely relate to. I never made it out there until I went for fashion week a few years into my career.

I had interviewed the label Eternal Child for Refinery29 and was excited to make a studio visit. Designed by Gul Gurdamar, and located in the bustling Old Galata district, the brand has been making knitwear for the modern cool girl since 2006.

The spring collection combines punchy patterns and references from Amelia Earheart to Pre-Raphaelite Ophelias.

I was also sure to hit up the Grand Bazaar to get lost in treasure hunting -- a must-do for any visitor.

The city's colors blew me away, and the mosques were stunning.

The people were kind and I made friends with some awesome stylish girls at Fashion Week--nothing like a shared interest in bright lipstick to bring together instant friendship.

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  1. Zyanna Zyanna says:

    i would kill for that studio space.

  2. jess bloom says:

    hot lips

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