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iSurgeon is an application that allows users to go under the virtual knife and transform their breasts, noses, tummies, faces and butts to experiment with plastic surgery. The application (or game, because it really is marketed as a fun game) was created by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, surgeon and author of famous children's book, "My Beautiful Mommy." In reference to his application, Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “The iTunes App Store was lacking a truly useful and well-designed beauty makeover App. The iSurgeon Game delivers on the promise of realistic photo alterations while also allowing users to partake in plastic surgery games playing the role of a surgeon.”

If Dr. Salzhauer wanted to create a truly realistic plastic surgery-beauty make-over application, he would have included a surgery financial planner and post-surgery level that allowed players to experience the bad aftermath--bruising, swelling, general inability to move anything--of major cosmetic surgery. iSurgeon romanticizes the easy-breezy notion of a lunchtime cup size transformation, when in reality breast augmentation will have you stuck in bed, bruised black and blue for weeks.

On the other side, we've got to admit it that it might be kind of fun to see what our faces could look like with massive lips and scary Montag-brows.

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