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Dan Savage's internationally syndicated column, Savage Love, is the gay answer to Dear Abby.  He also has a weekly podcast titled, "The Savage Lovecast" and recently he's expanded his media empire to YouTube, all in name of helping more people. It's called the "It Gets Better Project."  A collection of confessional videos that gets bigger everyday. The project is aimed towards LGBTQ youth who can't see that bright light past high school in a small town. After another gay teen killed himself, Savage called out to the elder gays of the world for a response. To quote Savage directly, "I wish I could have talked to this kid for five minutes. I wish I could have told Billy that it gets better. I wish I could have told him that, however bad things were, however isolated and alone he was, it gets better."

The evils of the internet, from money scams to naked kids, are far and wide but rarely do we hear about its positive effects. Social media has been commandeered by advertisers and marketers but we can't forget that it started with the basic notion of linking people together--often people who wouldn't normally meet. The "It Gets Better Project" links confused teens with adults who went through similar things and have lived to tell the tale. Resources like The Trevor Project are invaluable in their work with suicidal LGBTQ youth but it must be difficult to seek help in the present if you don't have a precedent for the future. All of these YouTube videos show teens, the lives available to them--things that are more important than making the proverbial football team. Whether you're LGBTQ or not, these YouTube videos are worth watching because while the Haitian weatherman makes you laugh, he isn't the "older tranny sister" you always wanted.

Check out the youtube channel here and be sure to watch the clip above from Dan Savage himself. Don't miss videos  by minor celebrities like Adrienne Curry, Perez Hilton and David Robert.

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  1. Kenza Kenza says:

    I used to read Savage Love every week in the Ottawa Xpress growing up. I always felt so sneaky and bad doing it too. I didn’t know what he looked like until now. For some reason I pictured him much older and well curvier. Thanks for sharing Jess!

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