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Over at hearty, we're big fans of FX show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Big, big fans. The antics of Mac, Charlie, Dennis and Sweet Dee send us into fits of teenage-stoner giggles, making us wish watching TV was a legit full-time job. So, naturally when we caught wind of some heavy E True Hollywood Story-esque gossip about the Philly crowd, our ears perked up.

Actress, blogger and ex-writer/star of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Jordan Reid Berkow, recently unleashed her story about being an original creator and actress on the hit show. Jordan, who created and once played the character, "Sweet Dee," was dating creator/actor Rob McElhenney at the time of the series development. McElhenney developed the concept behind the show and currently writes and plays character, Mac. In an intimate blog post, Jordan told her story about being kicked off the show the minute her romance with Rob ended. She was soon replaced by actress, Kaitlin Olson, who is now married to Rob McElhenney. Comedy drama coming to surface after years of silence! Could this be a second-runner up to the Letterman scandal?

It's kind of depressing to see Jordan talk about all this. For one, I empathize with her. She worked very hard on a project, devoting time, passion and muscle strength (holding booms for hours) and was nixed the minute her romance did. It's a universal tragedy most woman can relate to. On the other hand this happened years ago. Relationships are tricky and everyone knows that shitting where you eat never ends well.

Read the story and decide for yourself.

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