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Being a teenager in love is hard. Being J. Mascis in love is even harder.

J. Mascis, the king of melancholic indie-pop songs about lost romance, has a new 7” out on Sub Pop Records. With just a guitar, vocals and a snare, Mascis expresses a forlorn longing that only he could pull off.

As the leader of Dinosaur Jr. from 1984 until 1997, Mascis was known more for his blazing 5 minute long guitar solos than he was for his songwriting chops. Now, it seems age has given him legendary status that makes him “Neil Young-like,” in that he can do anything he wants and it’ll be cool. This record will be released November 22 and we can guarantee, when Mascis’ half-raspy, half-whiny voice cracks, we’ll be crying right there with him.

Hear J.Mascis’ “I’ve Been Thinking” from his upcoming 7” “Circle” below.

J Mascis - I've Been Thinking by subpop

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