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Watch Jalil Peraza's new "Beauty Trapped in the Dark" video

Cutie Jalil Peraza is only 18-years old, but he has our attention. Though he's part of Kanye’s, good manners even better clothes Rosewood movement (we do love a boy who calls his mother), it's his “Beauty Trapped in the Dark” that we're interested in. The video which is amazing on it's own, acts as the debut of Jalil Peraza’s new clothing line (you might have seen his shirts on the likes of Kanye and Jay-Z). Though the video only features one piece, his American flag sleeved T-shirt, he’s promising more clothes and more videos to come.

“Beauty Trapped in the Dark” feels just as trancey as the song by artist XXYYXX, which plays throughout the simplistic image driven, nearly photographic, long shots that are mixed with short flashes. Imagined by director Simon Davis, this is the most beautiful introduction of any shirt we've seen in a while. If you want to get your hands on Jalil Peraza as much as we do (we mean the shirt) be sure to hit up his boutique. Only limited pieces of the upcoming line will be available elsewhere.

Watch Jalil Peraza's clothing line debut video "Beauty Trapped in the Dark below."

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