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Every Saturday we’ll be selecting a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty.

This photo was taken one night while Jamie Shaw was walking home from a friend's place. Jamie was not sure if he was seeing things, but snapped a picture anyways. Spooky. Jamie lives in Glasgow where he is finishing his degree and preparing for his last summer holiday. Describing himself as a true Olympus fan, Jamie uses the trip 35, and the MJU. He also uses Minoltas.

Jamie is currently working on a few different zines. One with David Boyson Cooper, Joe Skilton and Benji Cluness, called For Real This Time, which will be of photos from their adventures in Scotland. Then, another with David Cooper, with photos from their recent skate trip to Berlin. And finally one called, Call to Adventure, which is almost ready to print, and will feature friends he's made through taking photos.

See more of Jamie's work on his Flickr and website.

If you want to be featured on hearty’s Saturday Selection, get a Flickr and start uploading!

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