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Jane Kim’s new work is absurdly sweet

Think: 1989 computer drawing programs and every cutesy, girly thing you can imagine. Mix them together and you get Jane Kim’s newest work. Featuring absurd collages and random images, Kim’s work is both sweet and surreal. Self-described as a “juxtaposition of cute/silly with psychosis/darkness”, Kim uses the popular children’s drawing program Kid Pix as well as obscure images from the internet to create her weird art. We’re thinking Saved by the Bell meets Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job. Anyone?

See more of Jane Kim's new work below.

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6 Responses to “Jane Kim: Sweet Work”

  1. Mel Zee Mel Zee says:

    i would just like to welcome myself back…

  2. Hana May Hana May says:


  3. Mel Zee Mel Zee says:


  4. FOXY says:

    canÄt find the homepage of jane kim…
    love it!!!

  5. Jane Kim says:

    Hey I’m glad you like my artwork! Thanks for posting & bless your soul! Babooshka

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