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So many pills, so little time

With news circulating that Miley Cyrus actually is a pothead (Like Kelly said "We thought Salvia was your problem, Miley"), Jason Mecier reminds us there are much worse things she could be doing. The San Francisco based artist's Pill Portraits show us examples of celebrities who've blazed the trail of bad behavior long before Miley. Dealing only in mosaic portraits, Mecier creates intricately detailed celebrity mosaics using trash, candy, beans, lighters, dead mice, and other random junk. His most recent portraits featuring Courtney Love, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse, Kelly Osbourne and Michael Jackson are solely made out of pills. These pieces serve as sad (yet colorful) reminders that some celebrities make it out of drug addiction, but others die trying. If Miley knows what's good for her, like her career, she'll keep it mostly PG.

See Jason Mecier's celebrity Pill Portraits below.

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