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Cult singer-songwriter Jay Reatard a.k.a Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. died Tuesday night at his home in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 29 years old. Causes of his death have yet to be released but SPIN noted that just days before is death, Reatard had tweeted about feeling ill. Jay Reatard was known for his outlandish stage presence and thrashing lo-fi pop melodies. He released a slew of 7-inch records under the alias Jay Reatard and two full length albums. His most recent was voted 13th best album of 2009 by SPIN.

On a personal note: I saw Jay Reatard perform last year. He played so hard and so fast - two second breaks between songs. He just barreled into the next riff as quickly as he had done the last. He played every song twice as fast as the album versions. His energy was oddly unstoppable and inspiring. I don't care if that energy was organic or not, because it was what made him an electric front man. Plus, "Fading All Away" is a f--king tune! R.I.P Jay.

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