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Jemila's Tale teaches us that life isn't such a fairytale after all

Remember being in love with Prince Charming in Sleeping Beauty? Or wishing to go to a ball in an over-sized dress like Cinderella? Everything worked out for the Princesses and the story always finished with a “Happily Ever After.” But things don’t happen like that in real life. The new film, Jemila’s Tale explores this childhood experience and turns it into a beautifully endearing story about a girl with a deep (and realistic) imagination.

When Jemila realizes that fairy tales are not an accurate representation of her world, she decides to make her own. After the death of her mother, Jemila no longer sees a happy ending to every story and creates a fairytale that expresses just that: Sometimes bad things happen.

Jemila’s Tale is the Ithaca College senior thesis film for Christina Bryant (writer/director), Allie Taylor (producer) and Ayshea Khan (cinematographer). They started the campaign using to get the film made. After screening it at several events, Jemila's Tale was picked up by the Urbanworld Film Festival, the Reel Sisters Film Festival and has received a growing amount of media coverage.

Watch the trailer for Jemila's Tale below.

Jemila’s Tale will be screening next at The Reel Sisters Film Festival on October 15 and 16 and at Kumble Theater in Brooklyn.

Jemila's Tale Trailer from Jemila's Tale on Vimeo.

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