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News broke on Tuesday that SNL comedian, Jenny Slate did not have her contract renewed for the show's 36th season. Slate, who had just finished her "freshman year" on the legendary sketch show, was dogged back in 2009 when she accidentally used an obscene word during her first episode. Whoops. But it's not like this was the first time the f-bomb has been dropped on live television.

Jessica Grose of Double X was a bit disappointed by Slate's departure, so she began to investigate the success rate of women who join the SNL crew. "The sketch show has been accused of sexism in its hiring and firing practices before—notably during the last season, when Casey Wilson was given the ax. There were rumors that she was kicked off because she refused to lose 30 pounds, though Wilson denied those rumors." Curious about Slate's early dismissal, Grose asked: Do women get a fair chance on SNL? And an even bigger question to ask would be do women get a fair shot in mainstream comedy that isn't of the Rom-Com vein? (Lest we forget what Christopher Hitchens said in Vanity Fair about a woman's ability to be funny.)

Grose did her research and found out that,"Only 33 percent of all cast members since the show debuted in 1975 have been female. But when you check out how long they've been on the show by gender, the picture gets a bit more murky. On average, male cast-members last 3.4 years and women last three years. When you take a closer look, women tend to either leave after a year, or last for six or seven years. There weren't many women who stuck around for two or three years."

So, what does this mean? If we're going on Hitchen's theory, then women don't need to be funny the way men need to be funny because we have our looks to float us by in life. "Women have no corresponding need to appeal to men in this way. They already appeal to men, if you catch my drift." Yeah okay, dickhead. As much as we despise this kind of sexist thinking, the fact that Hitchens can publish this in Vanity Fair means that someone at that very powerful publication gave this article the OK. Which also means a lot of people can relate to this kind of thinking--while the other half are enraged--and that is what should be battled. Saying women don't need to be funny because they have no reason to attract men with humor seems like something out of rule book of Valley of the Dolls. Hitchens published this 1997. 1997! Being a woman in any field of entertainment, be it music, acting or comedy, you still have to deal with archaic sexism that is often glossed over by the fact that there are so many successful women in these fields, so the problems must not exist, right? Not quite.

Thank God for women like Jenny Slate, Amy Poehler, Elaine Carroll, Sandra Bernhart, Ellen DeGeneres, Natasha Leggero, Sarah Haskins, Mindy Kaling and any other woman who has made us laugh (including our own mothers). Woman are f--king hilarious even if we have to fight a little harder to get the laughs.

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