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DJ Sliink will be performing tonight at hearty magazine presents: Summer in Training at Tribeca Grand Vol. 2

Jersey-bred producer, DJ Sliink, is a 21-year-old killer. From original production, to remixes, to live sets, he is slaying every beat he drops right now. After releasing "Test Me" with the boys of Flosstradamus he's received waves of attention that have been long overdue. The member of Jersey's imfamous Brick Bandits crew caught our ears' attention when his remix of Shontelle's "Impossible" showed up in a Brenmar mix.

Tonight we have the pleasure of presenting DJ Sliink as the headliner for Summer In Training: Volume II. We caught up with him to talk the young talent coming out of New Jersey right now, his forthcoming EPs with Flosstradamus and MikeQ and his move from Jersey club to Hip Hop and Trap. Download his Opening Ceremony mix and read the full Q&A below.

How did you get started with your multiple teams, I know you run with Brick Bandits, the Cartels and RunNj?

Well first I started off with my own team in the beginning of my career. The name of my group was new breed crew, it was rroducers & DJs. I was young, like 16-ish. Brick Bandits came along a little later in my career, about 2010. The Cartels is a group that I've currently been deep in, something like my next project. The Cartel music thing started around last year some time. RunNj was always a crew of  mutual friends and things just happened regularly. All around they are my support teams, my circle.

Sounds like you've been moving away from Jersey club towards harder trap beats recently, is that really something new for you or a latent passion?

Well I kind of feel like if you're gonna be a producer, be an all-around producer. Jersey Club kind of got my foot in the door, but I feel like Hip Hop/Trap stuff has always been my background, as far as listening to it. Producing it has been very fun for me, I actually get to have my own take on it.

Your track with Flosstradamus, "Test Me" is exploding right now, meeting J2K and Autobot at SXSW was clearly serendipitous. Can we look forward to any more big collaborations from you?

Yes, such a big track right now, I love it. Shoutouts to those guys! I actually have an EP coming out with Flosstradamus. I'm also working with MikeQ of the Ballroom scene, and a few more!

Who are some of the young guns in Jersey we should be watching for--we already love K Millz to the end of the earth.

There's so much young talent in New Jersey! Big ups to K Millz. You can look out for the Cartel Music guys, DJ Mike Gip, DJ Jayhood & his crew.

Best party you've been to recently?

Recently the best party was the "Booty Bakery" in Montreal, such a sick party and after party.

We definitely know Montreal is home to some of the best parties in the world. What rappers are you loving right now?

Right Now, 2 Chainz, Al Kayduh, The Nj Rebels, MMG, Mac Miller and many others.

hearty magazine presents: Summer in Training at Tribeca Grand is a month long music series. Each Friday for the month of June will have new and interesting performances.

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