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Whether you love it or hate it, The Jersey Shore phenomenon is not fading slowly. The premiere season of MTV's guido reality showcase wrapped up last week, but the iphone application (in its honor) has just been completed. This application gives you everything you need to live like "The Situation" such as: a nick name generator, fist-pump challenge, calorie counter, fake tan (the phone actually tans you in those hard to reach places like between your fingers), a list of pick-up lines and a glow stick (for "beating up the beat" while counting calories). One thing we like about the guido/guidette way of life is that physical maintenance and beauty standards are pretty much gender equal. In fact, more often than not, the boys spend more time tanning, working out and ironing their glittery Ed Hardy muscle tee's than the girls do re-aligning their cleavage. This application is the guido beauty kit. The only thing it's missing is a digital steroid chart.

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