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Jesse didn't ruin anything, but he does have a new song called "Shatter the Jewel" we like

Jesse Ruins has been lurking in the Tokyo bedroom pop scene throughout the last year--wallflowering in order to pick up club music basslines. What he gleaned, he loops under bubbling synths and ethereal vocals. No one really knows that much about Jesse Ruins, but let's paint a portrait of a quiet kid in nondescript clothing at a crazy underground party with sub so loud the floor shakes. He's there, absorbing it all in before he goes back to the land of dreamy sounds. Just our vision though.

"Shatter the Jewel" is a pre-emptive strike to an EP coming out in February (Captured Tracks). This song sounds like it could be the blue-eyed lovechild of Asobi Seksu and Sally Shapiro without Seksu's screech and a little more kick than Sally. Somebody tip Sofia Coppola off, this will be a soundtrack wonder for her next film.

Listen to this week's Track Meet: Jesse Ruin "Shatter the Jewel" below.

Jesse Ruins - Shatter the Jewel by Noir Desire

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