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Jessica Harrison brings porcelain dolls "back to life" with her collection of macabre figurines. From the dusty shelves of your grandmother's glass menagerie they've risen like zombies with a limb or two missing. There's the beautiful yet headless Helen, skeleton-handed  Simone and Marilyn with a slit throat.

This is the second time (remember those flylashes?) we've been interested yet grossed out by Harrison's work. She also played around with meat designs before Gaga did. It seems like that push and pull of attraction is what Harrison does best. Maria, with her bloodied white dress and bouquet of intestines might not be the most appetizing decor for a kitchen...but, it could be a great addition to your coffee table, her eyes looking back at you while you watch the newest episode of The Walking Dead.

Cruise the carnage below!

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2 Responses to “Porcelain Zombies”

  1. tattedgrl says:

    those are awesome..!

  2. kelly condon says:

    once… twice… three divided laaaadddyyy…
    I love you so

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