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Time to get a new habit

Mother Mary Magdalene of Virginia was a fashionable woman before she took her vows. A lifetime is a long time to spend in a singular style of outfit if it’s not designed well. And while a nunnery might not be the first place you would look to for trend inspiration, thanks to the collaborative efforts of artist Julia Sherman and NY-based designer JF & Son, nun habits have found a place in the secular world of style.

Mother Mary and the Sisters of The Community of Compassion wanted looks that work for the modern nun who now, more often than not, works a 9-5. “The life of the contemporary nun is difficult enough, so why shouldn’t the sisters feel beautiful and confident in their habits?” asked Sherman. Mother Mary was impressed by Sherman’s work, who has devoted much of her artistic practice to canonical art, folk traditions, and feminist theory. In another project, she helped a nunnery with a re-brand of their handmade soaps and studied the world of Jewish head-covering. So designing habits were right up her alley.

The habit-inspired pieces include cloaks, capes, ankle-length dresses, beaded collars, sleevelets, and silk undergarments. The mini collection has a distinct modern feel with digital prints on the inside of a cloak, loose-fitting T-dresses, and luxury fabrics like silk charmeuse. At the same time, each piece thoughtfully suits religious tradition with silhouettes in brushed wool, nylon and wool chiffon, and natural flannel cotton.

Outfits were donated to the Sisters, but thank heaven, you can still get yours online. Take a peek at JF & Son and Julia Sherman's collaboration below.

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