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Good luck getting your hands on Jonnie Craig’s “blurred, fogged” and “brilliant” book

VICE Magazine’s talented, young in-house photographer, Jonnie Craig’s debut photo book with Morel Books is already sold out. Titled “Untitled,” the book is raw and spontaneous, capturing mostly nudes and landscapes. Gaining credibility worldwide, Craig was described by fellow photographer, Gavin Watson: “When I first became aware of [his] work I was shocked. His photos were blurred, fogged, and from a traditional stance, everything that could be wrong with them was. Then his work was published and I really started looking, and suddenly I thought 'this is brilliant.'" Considering the success of this book, we’d imagine another is soon to come, so grab your sleeping bags and get ready to camp out in line.

See more of Jonnie Craig's "Untitled" book below.

Via: HUH Magazine

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