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When the news leaked last fall that Jean Paul Gaultier would be teaming up with Zannier Group to design a line of chic children's clothing, the New York media went crazy with excitement, even wishing for him to design a "cone training bra." Ew. Now that the collection is out, spoiled brats around the world are learning how to accessorize and belt a trench in the right way (to minimize the hips, duh). We're not sure about this, but it seems that dressing a kid up like an expensive doll is a bit dehumanizing. Who are the clothes really for? The kid can't spell her name, let alone know that her leopard parka is JPG, not T-A-R-G-E-T (soon we might not be able to tell the difference as we've been hearing rumors that Jean Paul G might be teaming up with Target to create a new line). Is this children's line way too creepy?

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