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Pissed nobody is buying you flowers? Treat yourself! And sign the card with a fake name.

By Mel Zee

Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1978, Julia Schauenburg became interested in art at an early age. She graduated high school with a major in fine arts, and then traveled to Australia where she immediately fell in love with the people and landscape.  In 1999, she set up shop in New South Wales where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Photo Media. Now a permanent Australian resident, Julia is a freelance photographer working for different clients, while exhibiting her own work around Australia and Germany.

Her new work, “52 Bunches of Flowers I Bought Myself” is getting a lot of attention. It is a bitter sweet photo series of flowers Julia bought for herself over the course of a year and photographed at different stages of their deaths. The wilting flowers placed in pale vases against a simple white, shadowed backdrop appear both lovely and sad at the same time.

See some of Julia Schauenburg’s wilting flower photos below.

Grabbed via: BOOOOOOOM

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