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Testing out denim, one spoonful at a time

Looking for the right fit of denim can be an endless search. We're constantly busting into the Three Bears House of Jeans--most are too hot, most are too cold and unlike Goldilocks, finding that one that is just right doesn't usually happen. Enter the G-Star Contour Fit. The shape is meant to fit a woman's curves and the fabric moves with your body. The back rise is longer and the 3D tailored waistband envelopes a female shape--meaning you won't be flashing your underwear thanks to a gap in your bands when sitting down. We've personally tasted the oatmeal, and trust us, the G-Star Contour Fit is just right.

If you're going to get your own pair of the G-Star Contour Fit jeans, we suggest going a size or two down from what you normally wear.

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